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IGAW 2017 Fourth Edition

GNSS in future transport, drones and RHINOS days


Elenco presentazioni dell'evento (documentazione in formato powerpoint)
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Gerard Lachapelle
(University of Calgary)
GNSS in the Future Automotive World
Marco Lisi
Galileo Initial Services: paving the way for the GNSS of the future
Roberto Capua
Precision for all: GNSS Global High Precision and Integrity
Roberto Capua
RHINOS - Performance Analysis Activity
Ilaria Martini
GNSS Integrity Monitoring
Peter Gurník
The contribution of UNIFE: NGTC and STARS projects
Mario Caporale
A view on Space Economy
Anja Grosch
RHINOS - Assessing & Mitigation of risks on railways operational scenarios
Daniele Caronti
RFI experience for the application of satellite technologies to ERTMS signalling system
Pio Guido
ERTMS European Rail Traffic Management System Evolution - game changers
Gian Gherardo Calini
E-GNSS enabled market opportunities in transport
Ales Filip
(University of Pardubice)
RHINOS - Some Safety Aspects related to Train Position Determination for ERTMS/ETCS: Start of Mission on Parallel Tracks
Alessandro Neri
RHINOS - Project Overview and Main Achievements
Francesco Rispoli
(Ansaldo STS)
From Rail to Automotive
Massimo Crisci
GNSS Technology Innovation - Galileo for Railways and Transport
Léa Paties
Shift2Rail view
Sam Pullen
(University of Stanford)
RHINOS - Towards a Unified Standard for Adopting GNSS in Train Control Systems
Sam Pullen
(University of Stanford)
RHINOS - Introduction to the Stanford MAAST GNSS Integrity and Availability Simulation Tool
Sam Pullen
(University of Stanford)
RHINOS - Proof of Concept Design, Analysis, and Preliminary Results
Salvatore Sabina
(Ansaldo STS)
RHINOS - On Board Subsystem Reference Architecture
Salvatore Sabina
(Ansaldo STS)
X2Rail Project
Cosimo Stallo
RHINOS - Integrity Monitoring and Augmentation Subsystem Reference Architectures
Cosimo Stallo
VIRGILIO Simulator
Flavio Gennenzi
UAV Applications and advances