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IGAW 2016 Third Edition

The IGAW 2016 (International GNSS Advances Workshop) was an event dedicated to the study of the evolution of satellite navigation technology in light of the opportunities opened by the availability of multiple constellations (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou). 
A highly prized scientific initiative, the Workshop aimed to examine on the basis of current knowledge and the future prospects of GNSS technology development and applications and was opened to public institutions, private companies, research centres and Universities.  

The main topics discussed:

  • State of the art of GNSS technology,
  • Multi-constellation systems and interoperability,
  • Ubiquitous PNT and SDR,
  • Anti-spoofing and Authentication,
  • International Cooperations on GNSS applications developments,
  • High Precision and High integrity,
  • Augmentation and relevant applications: the Rail case.

IGAW 2016 was organised and hosted by Sogei, a company that has always been at the forefront of research and development efforts in the delivery and use of geo-referenced data and services, as well as GNSS High Precision applications and SDR technologies, as part of its contribution to the dissemination of innovation and scientific culture.

IGAW 2016 Proceedings

Elenco atti presentati nel corso del workshop del 2016 in formato powerpoint
Speaker Pdf File
Per Enge
(Stanford University)
SBAS integrity: current status and future perspectives
Gerard Lachapelle
(University of Calgary)
The Case for Recording IF Data for GNSS Signal Forensic Analysis using a SDR
Kai Borre
(Samara State
SDR Technology Updates
Mario Rasetti
(Politecnico di
Large data Sets: topological approach
Alessandro Neri
Roma Tre)
Progresses about Indoor Positioning Techniques Innovations
Roberto Capua
A totally SDR-based Low Cost Augmentation System for Institutional Applications
Alessandro del Ninno
(LUISS University)
The impact of the European privacy regime on indoor and outdoor location technology development: the new challenges in light of the future EU General Data protection Regulation
Oscar Pozzobon
Anti-Spoofing and Authentication techniques Progresses and Advances
Raniero Pasquali
Innovative Regulated and Professional Applications based on Galileo services
Gian Gherardo Calini
European GNSS Adoption Opportunities in Transport with Focus on Rail
Marco Lisi
GNSS and Timing: the need for a global PNT infrastructure
Per Enge
(Stanford University)
High Integrity navigation for Rail Applications
Christian Wullems
Introduction of GNSS for virtual balise detection in ETCS
Angelo Chiappini
The role of satellite applications for the ERTMS evolution
Massimiliano Ciaffi
Satellite based train control systems for local and regional lines
Francesco Rispoli
Roadmap for technology development and validation (Part one)
Alessandro Neri
Roadmap for technology development and validation (Part two)
Mario Vivaldi
Authorisation of placing in service in the context of new technologies
Peter Gurnik
The vision from European Rail Industry
Mario Caporale
Rail and Satellite: Role and Contribution of Italian Space Agency
Aleš Filip
(University of
GNSS application method within ETCS: basis for efficient multi-constellation solutions