Dati Azienda

Company Profile


To collaborate with institutions and customers in the modernisation and digitisation of the Country system processes

This desire for transformation, to create experience, must also apply to customers and stakeholders.


To offer simple, fast and completely digital services

Our goal is to make everyone's daily life easier by shifting our focus to the citizen experience.


Competence, Innovation, Ethics, Team spirit.

We continue to evolve to innovate, without ever losing sight of those values that have always guided our daily actions.

In Numbers

Infrastructure and Data Center

One of the most advanced European Data Centers is located at the main office in via Mario Carucci in Rome

Physical & virtual servers
Mainframe 32100 Mips
Peripheral networks with more than 1000 connected server systems
Overall memory gig

Integrated Report

We are a safe, solid and reliable company.
It is not only our customers who confirm this, but also our numbers, as illustrated in the latest company financial statements.

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