Corporate Governance


Sogei's corporate governance system, which is organised along the lines of the traditional model, revolves around the guiding role of strategic policy attributed to the Board of Directors, under the scope of the general policies shared with the Finance Department for exercising the "analogous control" for which it is responsible in relation to the in-house nature of the Company.
In particular, the Finance Department approves the general policies in relation to the Company's strategy, organisation and economic, financial and development policies. Pursuant to Article 83, paragraph 15 of Italian Decree Law No. 112 of 25 June 2008 (converted by Italian Law No. 133 of 6 August 2008), the rights of the Sogei shareholder are exercised by the Ministry of Economy and Finance - Treasury Department - 7th Directorate - Finance and Privatisations, which is also responsible for the Company's general policies.
With effect from 1 July 2013, the Finance Department issues the pertinent directives, after consultation with the other Administrations under the same guidance, without prejudice to the fact that the directives concerning the activities of the unbundled branch are always issued in accordance with the Department of General Administration, Personnel and Services which, for this purpose, acquires in advance the requests of the Treasury Department and of the State General Accounting Office.

For the effectiveness of the "analogous control", the operational activities for the execution of the single contracts and agreements are performed by the respective Administrations under the same guidance.

A complex internal control system is in place and is implemented through a plurality of Bodies and by adopting behavioural codes and procedures constituting a domain, subject to constant monitoring and revision to keep up with the legislative and operating context in which the company works.
In this context the following bodies work with their respective duties: