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The user who wishes to insert a link on the home page of this site should ask for the authorisation of Sogei S.p.A. by sending a written request to the following address: Sogei S.p.A. - Ufficio Relazioni istituzionali e Comunicazione Esterna - Via Mario Carucci 99, 00143 Roma.

Sogei does not authorize links to its site via so-called frames and deep links.



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Limitation of liability


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The user acknowledges that this website is updated according to the needs of Sogei S.p.A. at this latter's free discretion.

Sogei declines all liability for the content, use or availability of other websites to which the user gains access through this site and for any services offered on such sites.

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The present liability limitation clause does intend to avoid observance of the requirements laid down in current legislation or to elude liability in cases in which it is contemplated by applicable laws.



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In particular so-called deep linking - i.e. the non-transparent use of parts of the site, on the sites of third parties - is strictly forbidden.